Subscription Agreement

Welcome to the Toy Resonance and AI-Generated Content Services provided by Science Infinity Technology Limited (Hong Kong), hereafter referred to as “the Company.” Before you decide to become a paid subscriber of our services, please read the entirety of this Subscription Agreement (“the Agreement”) carefully. Your act of purchasing and/or using signifies your thorough understanding and agreement to all terms and conditions of the Agreement.

Section 1: Acceptance and Amendment of the Service Agreement

1.1 The Agreement includes the main text and all rules already published or potentially published or updated by the Company. All rules are integral parts of the Agreement and have the same legal effect. In case of conflict, the main text prevails. Unless otherwise stated, any new features that expand or enhance the Services are subject to the Agreement.

1.2 The Company reserves the right to modify the terms of the Agreement and the content of the Services at any time. Modifications become effective immediately upon publication on the service page, replacing the original Agreement. Users can always access the latest terms on the service page. If you do not accept the modified terms, cease using the Services immediately. Continued use will be considered acceptance of the modified Agreement.

Section 2: Subscription and Recharge Services

2.1 Subscription Options

Standard: Designed for casual users, it provides basic remote control functionality.

Premium: Ideal for those seeking more advanced features. It includes a monthly reset of 1000 tokens and utilizes an automatic renewal mechanism to ensure uninterrupted service for users.

Pro: Designed for players looking for more AI magic tools. It offers a monthly reset of 3000 tokens and utilizes an automatic renewal mechanism to ensure uninterrupted service for users.

Elite: Tailored for high-demand users, it provides customized services and priority support. Users receive a monthly reset of 10,000 tokens and the package utilizes an automatic renewal mechanism to ensure uninterrupted service.

2.2 Recharge Pack Details

Recharge packs offer flexible service options for users needing adaptable service use. Users can purchase according to their needs, adding tokens to their account permanently, without time limitations. Tokens can be used for specific paid features within the services, including advanced content generation and customization.

Section 3: User Rights and Responsibilities

This section clarifies the rights and responsibilities of users utilizing the Company’s AI-Generated Content Services, ensuring reasonable and lawful use of the services.

3.1 Usage Rights

Under the Agreement, the Company grants users a non-exclusive right to use the AI-generated content functions through the service platform for personal, non-commercial purposes, unless a commercial usage package has been purchased.

3.1.1 Access and Use

Users have the right to access the platform and use AI-generated content functions according to their subscription type, including text generation, image creation, etc.

3.1.2 Customization and Preferences

Users can set preferences to optimize AI-generated content outcomes.

3.2 Legal Use Obligations

Users must comply with all applicable laws and regulations, ensuring the generation and use of content do not infringe any third-party intellectual property or other rights.

3.2.1 Content Compliance

Users pledge not to generate or disseminate illegal, obscene, defamatory, harassing, privacy-invading, intellectual property infringing, or otherwise morally objectionable content.

3.2.2 Liability

Users understand and agree that they bear full responsibility for the legality, accuracy, and appropriateness of all content generated through the Company’s services.

3.3 Data Protection and Privacy

The Company places high importance on the protection and privacy of user data within its AI-Generated Content Services.

3.3.1 User Authentication Mechanism

The service minimizes the need for personal information. PC registration requires only a username and password. Users can then access services in the APP via a unique wallet Key, bypassing traditional login or registration. This ensures service use without sharing additional personal information.

3.3.2 Data Handling Principles

For user-uploaded custom content, strict data handling principles are applied. Once AI content generation is complete, the system immediately deletes these custom inputs to ensure no long-term storage or alternate use.

3.3.3 Security Measures

Data protection and privacy are ensured through minimal data collection, immediate data deletion post-service use, and industry-standard security measures against unauthorized access or alteration.

3.3.4 Transparency and Accountability

The Company maintains transparency and takes responsibility in data handling and privacy protection. Despite service design prioritizing user privacy, users are encouraged to manage their information carefully and remain vigilant when using any online services.

3.4 Intellectual Property Respect

Users must respect the intellectual property of the Company and third parties. All content within the Company’s services, including text, images, software, logos, etc., is owned by the Company or its content providers, protected by copyright, trademark, and other intellectual property laws.

3.4.1 Usage Restrictions

Without explicit authorization, users may not copy, modify, publish, transmit, participate in the transfer or sale, create derivative works, or use the content in any other way.

3.4.2 AI-Generated Content Usage

Users should use content generated through the Company’s services within legal limits, respecting intellectual property ownership and avoiding disputes.

3.5 Disclaimer

Users understand and agree that due to the nature of AI technology, the Company’s AI-Generated Content Services may produce inaccurate, inappropriate, or unforeseen content. The Company will strive to optimize algorithms and services but does not guarantee the accuracy, availability, or appropriateness of AI-generated content.

3.5.1 Risk Assumption

Users acknowledge that they bear all risks associated with using the Company’s services; the Company is not responsible for any direct or indirect losses incurred.

3.5.2 Content Review

Users agree to review AI-generated content for legality, appropriateness, and quality, bearing legal responsibility for content issues.

Section 4: Rights and Responsibilities of the Service Provider

This section outlines the rights and responsibilities of Science Infinity Technology Limited (Hong Kong) (hereinafter referred to as “the Company”) in providing AI-generated content services, ensuring high-quality service and protection of users’ interests.

4.1 Service Changes and Interruptions

4.1.1 Service Adjustments

The Company reserves the right to adjust the content and format of services at any time, including but not limited to adding, modifying, or canceling specific features or services. Adjustments may be based on business development, technological upgrades, or changes in laws and regulations.

4.1.2 Advance Notice

Before making significant changes or interruptions to services, the Company will inform users in advance through appropriate methods (e.g., service platform announcements, email notifications) to minimize impact on users.

4.1.3 Interruption Response

In case of temporary service interruption due to system maintenance, upgrades, failures, network issues, force majeure, or any other reasons, the Company will take reasonable measures to restore service as soon as possible and minimize impact on users.

4.2 Maintenance and Support

4.2.1 Technical Support

The Company commits to providing basic technical support and service maintenance to assist users in resolving technical issues encountered while using the service.

4.2.2 Updates and Upgrades

The Company will periodically update and upgrade services to improve service quality, add new features, or fix known issues. Users will benefit from these continuous improvements and optimizations.

4.2.3 Feedback Response

The Company has a user feedback mechanism, encouraging users to provide feedback on their service usage experience, issues, or suggestions. The Company will seriously consider user feedback to guide service improvements and upgrades.

4.3 Intellectual Property

4.3.1 Property Claims

All content and technology contained in the Company’s services (including but not limited to software codes, interface designs, icons, documentation) and their derivatives are the intellectual property of the Company, protected by applicable intellectual property laws and regulations.

4.3.2 Rights Protection

The Company respects and protects the intellectual property rights of all parties and opposes any form of infringement. Likewise, the Company expects users to respect the intellectual property of the Company and third parties when using the service.

4.3.3 Authorized Use

Users have the right to use content generated through the Company’s services, but the generation algorithms, software, and related technology belong to the Company. Users must use the generated content within legal limits without infringing on the intellectual property rights of the Company or any third party.

4.4 Transparency and Compliance

4.4.1 Legal Compliance

The Company commits to complying with applicable laws and regulations in the provision of services, ensuring the legality and compliance of services.

4.4.2 User Protection

The Company is dedicated to protecting the legal rights and interests of users, including privacy rights and personal information security, and will not collect, use, or disclose users’ personal information without their consent.

Section 5: Changes, Unsubscription, and Refund Policy

This section details how users can change or unsubscribe from the AI-generated content services provided by the Company and the related fee handling rules.

5.1 Subscription Changes

Users can adjust their subscription plans based on their needs while using the service.

5.1.1 Upgrade Plans

When users choose to upgrade their subscription plans, the change takes effect immediately. Users must pay the difference between the current and new plans and will immediately receive the corresponding remaining Tokens under the new plan.

5.1.2 Downgrade Plans

When users choose to downgrade their subscription plans, the change will take effect at the start of the next billing cycle to ensure users enjoy the services they have paid for during the current cycle.

5.2 Unsubscription and Refund

5.2.1 Recharge Packs

Once purchased, recharge packs are non-refundable. Users should ensure their decision accuracy when buying recharge packs.

5.2.2 Subscription Services

Once activated, subscription services are non-refundable. Users can find and select the “Manage My Account” option in “My Wallet” to unsubscribe. Cancellation takes effect at the start of the next billing cycle, meaning users will continue to enjoy the service for the current billing cycle without a refund for that period.

5.3 Termination Clause

5.3.1 Service Termination

The Company reserves the right to terminate services to any user who violates the terms of this agreement and fails to correct the breach within the specified time after receiving notice from the Company.

5.3.2 Post-Termination Handling

Once services are terminated, users will no longer have access to or be able to use any services provided by the Company. The Company will handle user data and remaining assets according to the provisions of this agreement, based on the user’s usage.

Section 6: Dispute Resolution

This section clarifies the procedure for resolving any disputes or controversies between the Company and users arising from the services.

6.1 Dispute Notification

6.1.1 Submitting Disputes

If users have any disputes or dissatisfaction with the services provided by the Company, they should first submit detailed information and specific demands through the Company’s customer service channels.

6.1.2 Response Time

The Company commits to responding and proposing a solution within a reasonable timeframe (typically no more than 15 working days) after receiving a user’s dispute or complaint.

6.2 Negotiated Settlement

6.2.1 Mutual Negotiation

The Company strongly advocates resolving disputes through friendly negotiation, with both parties actively participating in the negotiation process, seeking solutions based on fairness and integrity.

6.2.2 Negotiation Period

Unless otherwise agreed by both parties, the negotiation period should not exceed 30 working days from the date of dispute notification.

6.3 Mediation

6.3.1 Mediation Institution

If negotiation fails to resolve the dispute, both parties agree to submit the dispute to the Hong Kong International Arbitration Centre (HKIAC) for mediation.

6.3.2 Mediation Procedure

The mediation process will follow the rules set by the Hong Kong International Arbitration Centre, with both parties cooperating actively to achieve a settlement.

6.4 Arbitration

6.4.1 Arbitration Agreement

If mediation does not result in a settlement, either party has the right to submit the dispute to the Hong Kong International Arbitration Centre for arbitration.

6.4.2 Arbitration Rules

Arbitration will be conducted according to the current effective arbitration rules of the Hong Kong International Arbitration Centre at the time of submitting for arbitration. The arbitration decision will be final and binding on both parties.

6.4.3 Arbitration Costs

Arbitration costs, including but not limited to arbitrator fees, administrative fees, legal fees, etc., will be borne by the party specified in the arbitration decision.

6.5 Applicable Law

6.5.1 Governing Law

The interpretation, validity, and resolution of disputes under this agreement will be governed by the laws of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region.

6.5.2 Exclusion of Conflict of Laws

For all disputes arising from or related to this agreement and its execution, both parties explicitly exclude the application of any conflict of laws rules.

Section 7: Additional Terms

This section supplements important terms and conditions related to the AI-generated content services provided by Science Infinity Technology Limited (Hong Kong) (hereafter referred to as “the Company”) to ensure smooth service provision and protection of both parties’ rights.

7.1 Entire Agreement

7.1.1 Agreement Composition

This agreement, including but not limited to the terms of service, privacy policy, and all additional terms agreed to during the registration process, constitutes the complete agreement between the parties regarding service usage, replacing any prior oral or written communications, agreements, or statements.

7.1.2 Additional Agreements

For specific services or activities, the Company may require users to agree to additional terms and conditions. In case of any conflict, the additional terms shall prevail.

7.2 Severability

7.2.1 Term Severability

If any provision of this agreement is found to be unlawful, invalid, or unenforceable for any reason, that provision shall be deemed severable and will not affect the validity and enforceability of the remaining provisions.

7.3 Notifications

7.3.1 Notification Methods

The Company may notify users via social media, in-service messages, or announcements.

7.3.2 Notification Effectiveness

Electronic notifications are considered delivered on the date they are sent.

7.4 Revisions and Updates

7.4.1 Revision Rights

The Company reserves the right to revise and update these agreement terms at any time. Any changes will be posted on the Company’s website and will be effective from the date of posting.

7.4.2 User Responsibility

Users are responsible for regularly reviewing the agreement to be aware of any changes. Continued use of the service signifies acceptance of the modified agreement.

7.5 Dispute Resolution and Governing Courts

7.5.1 Dispute Resolution

Any disputes arising under this agreement should first be resolved through friendly negotiation. If negotiation fails, disputes shall be resolved according to the dispute resolution terms of this agreement.

7.5.2 Governing Courts

Unless otherwise specified, disputes requiring court resolution shall be submitted to the courts of the Company’s place of registration.

7.6 Transfer Prohibition

7.6.1 User Non-transferability

Without the Company’s explicit written consent, users may not transfer any rights or obligations under this agreement to any third party.

7.6.2 Company Transfer Rights

The Company has the right to transfer rights and obligations under this agreement to a third party in case of business transfer, merger, or reorganization, without obtaining additional user consent.

7.7 Relationship Definition

7.7.1 No Agency Relationship

This agreement does not create any agency, partnership, joint venture, or employee-employer relationship.

7.7.2 Independent Entities

Both parties are independent contractors, and under no circumstances shall this agreement be deemed to create a partnership, joint venture, agency, or employer-employee relationship.

By setting forth these additional terms, the Company aims to provide clear guidelines and rules to facilitate the efficient operation and management of services while protecting the legal rights of both parties.

Section 8: Contact Information

To ensure users can obtain help and support when needed, the official contact information of the Company is provided below. Users can communicate with the Company regarding service-related inquiries, issues, or feedback through the following means.

8.1 Customer Service

Email: For general inquiries, service support, or complaints, users can contact our customer service team by emailing We aim to reply within 48 hours of receiving the email.

Service Hours: The customer service team operates Monday to Friday, 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM (Hong Kong Time), excluding public holidays.

8.2 Technical Support

Technical Support Requests: If users encounter technical issues while using the service, they can submit technical support requests via the email address provided above. For faster resolution, please provide a detailed description of the issue and relevant information in the email.

8.3 Emergency Contact

Emergency Situations: For urgent matters, such as account security issues, users can mark their email as “urgent” and briefly describe the emergency in the email subject. These will be prioritized for handling.

8.4 Business Cooperation

Cooperation Inquiries: For business cooperation, advertising, marketing, or other partnership matters, please contact us via email at, indicating “Business Cooperation” in the email subject.

8.5 Social Media

Social Platforms: Users can also get the latest information, updates, and interact with the Company through our official social media accounts. For specific social media platform information, please visit the links at the bottom of our official website’s homepage.

By providing comprehensive contact information, the Company aims to ensure that any issues users face while using the service are resolved promptly and effectively. We value every user’s feedback and experience and look forward to communicating with you.

Science Infinity Technology Limited (Hong Kong)